Pratipaksha Bhavana, or cultivating opposite thought

These are insecure times, no doubt. We’ve started this newsletter a few times already – first to tell you that we have an online schedule until 6 April, then to tell you that we’re staying online until 1 June, and now… we don’t know. But one thing that we’re sure of, is that yoga helps. It can help you counteract the stiffness of being confined in your home, the sore shoulders from stress, and to take some distance and find solace, and feel that despite all the outer turbulence you can still find a still point inside yourself. We have heard from a lot of people that have taken our online classes that they feel better with a regular yoga practice. So, if you haven’t yet: take a look on our website to see how it works, roll out your mat, and join us in our living room!

The class schedule is now online until 6 April. We tried to offer regularity in the classes. Early morning classes help you to get going and stick to your rhythm. Your ‘regular’ 9 o’clock class is still there of course. A lunch hour class for a break from work. And we offer a late evening restorative on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and sunday so you can roll into bed ready for sleep. And last but not least: 45 minutes of ‘family yoga’ on Saturday afternoon. For everybody who needs a little yoga break. Few props but lots of movement!

And finally: in times like these we see both the bad and the good come up in human behaviour. Not just in others (that’s so easy) but if you pay attention, also in yourself. In times of doubt and despair, try to emphasize positive thoughts instead. In yoga philosophy this is called Pratipaksha Bhavana, or the cultivation of positive thoughts when negative thoughts arise. Here you see some examples of people in our neighborhood who are practicing this principle.

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