Birthday celebration

101 years ago on this day, BKS Iyengar was born. An extraordinary man who touched countless people’s lives. We are fortunate to find ourselves amongst this number. In Pune, the Iyengar yoga community is very much alive and vibrant! It was good to be there for the 101′st birth anniversary and to see the local students in a beautiful and inspiring performance (see the youtube video of the performance on the right side).

It was also refreshing to be part of the convention in which structural changes to the Iyengar yoga system were proposed by Prashant and Abhijata, and discussed by assessors and teacher trainers from all over the world. As a community, we have to move forward and adapt to the changing world, and they bravely opened the discussion. Surely, we will all hear much more about this in the coming months. I will not go into the details here but if you are interested you can click here and read some more about it.