Gitte Bechsgaard | Advanced Patanjali Course: The Klesha/Karma Theory of Patanjali in Practice | POSTPONED to January 2021

Gitte Bechsgaard | Advanced Patanjali Course: The Klesha/Karma Theory of Patanjali in Practice | POSTPONED to January 2021

We are delighted to present you with this Advanced Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras course, on the meditative trinity (samyama) and mystic powers of Book lll (Vibhuti Pada).

The main focus of this series of workshops is the vibhutis, siddhis or mystic powers laid out in the Yoga Sutras . As these are attained by the trinity of meditative sadhana: dharana, dhyana and Samadhi, the three inner limbs of the eightfold path, we will explore the linking of sutras from book lll (Vibhuti pada) back to book l (Samadhi pada) to grasp the interconnectedness of these subtle inner teachings. As a natural component of these units we will explore relevant mantra sadhanas and ritual practices. Topics will include: the meditative process and mind-transformation in sadhana and daily life; intuitive cultivation; the eight supreme siddhis including the siddhis connected to meditation on the cakras; the five great elements and time. Another important emphasis will be the siddhis as potential blessings or road-blocks to Kaivalya (liberation), depending upon the sadhaka’s intent and anchoring in either ego or soul/Self. In the Iyengar Yoga section of these courses we will focus on asana and pranayama related to the maps of the cakras, as “the art of integration (samyama) through concentration, meditation and profound absorption” (BKS Iyengar).

A prerequisite to attend these workshops is to have completed or be currently studying for the 4 module Patanjali Yoga Sutras course.

Each workshop can be taken individually – it is not a sequential course.

The workshop will consist of lectures with Gitte Bechsgaard together with meditation instruction with Sheila Haswell.

We have thought long and hard about the right course of action under the current challenging circumstances with the Covid-19 virus. We have decided that it is best to not schedule a course with international teachers and international students this June, so the course at iYoga Utrecht will be postponed until January 2021.

Price: €330 – sign up before 1 october 2020. If signed in after that date, price will be €350

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