1 Food

It’s best to avoid eating heavy food for about 2 hours before class. We serve tea or water after class to stay hydrated - no need to drink during class.

2 Injuries

Talk to the teacher before class about injuries, physical problems or medical conditions or when you're pregnant. With knowledge of your physical needs the teacher can modify, or suggest more effective poses for your situation.

3 Dresscode

Wear clothing that is comfortable but not overly wide. It’s best to wear shorts or leggings so that the teacher can see your knees. We practice yoga barefoot: shoes and socks are not necessary.

4 Hygiene

You will practice close to other people, so be considerate: don’t wear a lot of perfume, wear clean clothes and shower or wash your feet before the class.

5 Equipment

The studio is well equipped with mats and other materials, but of course you’re welcome to bring your own mat.

6 Mood


First time?

You can start in our Beginners Course but if you want to start at another time, you can always drop in to any of our regular classes for a trial class.
1 trial class: € 12,-
Trial subscription (month of unlimited yoga classes): € 55,-

Beginners Course

Stressed? Stiff? Looking for relaxation and freedom of movement?
Our Beginners Course is a perfect way to start. In 5 weeks you will visit the most common poses and modifications. There is plenty of time for questions and a personal approach. 
5 classes: € 65,-

Click here to sign up >>

Feel your strength in standing poses, or look at things from a fresh perspective in inversions like handstand or shoulder stand – but learn at your own pace. You can try any ‘all levels’ class as a trial class. Or maybe the methodical approach of the Beginners Course suits you more? There you will learn the basic poses in a safe and dynamic way.

Iyengar yoga is for every body. As long as you are willing, it doesn’t matter if you are old or young, beginner or advanced, stiff, flexible, fat, thin, healthy or sick. If you have complaints like painful knees, a sore back, or stress related complaints you are also welcome in our classes.

If you want to address your specific health concern you can also try a Special Needs class.

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