Make time for yoga

When your schedule is full, is when you need yoga the most. You need clarity in your mind and relaxation in your body. But… people and tasks are pulling at you from all directions. Choosing for your yoga practice might seem like a selfish choice. However, if you choose to be for a few minutes, instead of just do, and to live instead of just work, it might make the rest of your day much easier. It’s just a question of priorities!

Having a few minutes of practice at home might make it easier to choose for your ‘reset-time’, if coming to a class is hard to work into your schedule. You can use what you’ve learned at your classes for your own practice, or take a book, dvd or youtube-video to inspire you. But remember that your own practice doesn’t necessarily need to be a copy of a group class – it can be shorter or longer, you can focus on a specific pose or group of poses or do a general sequence… do an active practice or relax in restorative poses. You can practice alone, with a friend or surrounded by your family, pets or kids. It can be the same thing every day or something completely different each time you hit your mat.

It’s yours, own it!