Yoga in times of Covid

Every day you wake up to another day of ‘the same’. The movie Groundhog Day pops into your mind. Work, eat, teach your children, play and sleep in the same building. A walk with a friend as the highlight of your week. Or maybe you have a job that requires you to be in a stressful situation. Clearly, life in times of Corona takes its toll on everyone.

It is all the more important that you keep doing yoga! Especially when you are stuck at home. Actually a perfect opportunity to practice a lot, right? You are of course always welcome to our online lessons. They might make a difference in motivation and figuring out what to do next. But maybe you are done with the computer for a while? Then you will find a sequence below that is recommended to strengthen your immune system.

Do you want to practice this ‘immune system-boosting’ series but you don’t know exactly how to adjust the postures? Or what alternatives you can practice? Or how you do it at home with fewer or different props?

Our very own Nadia (in our t-shirt!) – who now lives in the US – has worked extremely hard to create a series of tutorial videos in which she guides you through all the postures. So, if you’re at home, want to practice, but need a little guidance: read her blog post!

And what would we do without the internet, especially now! There is, in addition to our online classes, a lot of content you can learn from. Just to stay in the same kind of sequences: Eyal Shifroni, for example, has made a series that you in this video .

Or maybe you like being calmed by this video of our Belgian colleagues, with various options for each pose.

Do you have your own favorite series or videos? Let us know!

For example in the comment field below.

And … if everything else falls short and you feel vulnerable, you can of course always build yourself a fortress of yoga blocks!