Online classes

like the lotus emerges from the mud

positive things can come from difficult times

During the Corona lockdown, we started teaching online yoga classes. These are streamed live because we want you in the picture so we can verbally encourage, help and correct you. So, go ahead and clear out your living room, bedroom, office or attic and get your computer, tablet or phone ready.

Some classes are online only, and others are hybrid. Then we teach in the yoga room, both to the people there and through the huge screen.

What do you need?

  • 3-4 meters distance to the camera of your laptop or phone
  • a yoga mat (but you can also just be on the rug)
  • a free wall or door behind you
  • a couple of blankets or bath towels (or your bolster of course)
  • a belt (can also be one from your trousers or from your bathrobe)
  • yoga blocks or 2 books of equal height (you can hold them together with thick elastic bands or duct tape)
  • a chair or stool (kitchen chair or ikea stool is also fine, or your bench or even your kitchen countertop)
  • a little creativity; anything can be a prop!
  • If you have been practicing yoga with us for a while and you live in the neighbourhood: you can alsobuy or borrow props!

Registration and procedure

  • register online, preferably well in advance
  • When you register, you will receive an automatic reservation confirmation with the link to log in via Zoom. You can also reach the Zoom link via the schedule from 30 minutes before class. If you register less than 30 minutes before the class, you will not receive an email, but you will go directly through the schedule (click on the class you have reserved, and you can find the link there).
  • make sure you receive our emails! If not: look in your spam box.
  • If the previous class is still in progress while you are trying to log in, you will get a message: the host is in another session. Don’t worry, we’ll be with you in a minute!
  • be ready 5-10 minutes before class to make sure technical problems can be solved, your setup and props are ready, and to tell the teacher about possible injuries (you can also use the private chat!)
  • if you want the teacher to see you well, it is helpful if your lighting is good and you don’t wear too dark clothes
  • use a desktop, laptop, tablet of smartphone to click on the URL that you received in the confirmation e-mail
  • if you use a tablet or smartphone, download the Zoom app from the Appstore of Playstore. From your laptop you can participate via the browser, but you might have a better experience in the Zoom-app
  • when you click on the URL, Zoom asks to access your camera and microphone: click ‘allow’
  • stay on the safe side and listen to your body during the class!