Beginners course

Feeling stiff? Stressed out?

Yoga can help

In need of relaxation and freedom of movement? Curious about yoga? Our Beginners course is a perfect way to start. In 5 weeks you will learn the most common postures and how to adjust them to your needs. There will be plenty of time for personal correction and questions. The price is € 65.

Please note that we will not have a beginner’s course for a while due to Corona restrictions. Do you want to start anyway? Great! Book a trial class here. Or check back again soon! Note: when registering through Mindbody, you can’t pay online – choose ‘enroll as unpaid’ and transfer the amount to NL44 TRIO 0197 7933 04 stating your name and ‘Beginners course’. Or come to the studio and pay with pin!

Good to know before your first class

Food: we recommend that you do not eat a full meal 2 hours before class. There will be tea and water after class to stay hydrated – drinking during class is not necessary.

Injuries: Please tell the teacher before class if you have any injuries or health problems, or are pregnant. Then the teacher can let you know if the class is suitable for you or give you specific instructions that may benefit you.

Clothing: wear comfortable clothes that are not too wide. It is best if the teacher can see your legs well, like in leggings or shorts. Yoga is done barefoot: shoes and socks are not necessary.

Hygiene: you practice together with other people. It is good for everyone if you come freshly showered, do not use too much perfume or deodorant and wear clean clothes. We have a foot washing basin at the yoga school!

Props: the yoga school is equipped with enough mats and other practice materials, but you can always bring your own mat.