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doing yoga is better together

Classes for all levels

We offer group classes at various levels. All our classes are taught by certified Iyengar yoga teachers. We are flexible: you can come to any class. Reserve your spot via the schedule . You find the prices below. Class cards are valid for all group classes, except for the Special Needs or pregnancy classes and courses or workshops.

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All levels

For students who are just starting out with yoga or haven’t done Iyengar yoga before. But also great if you’ve been doing yoga for years. Build up your strength in standing poses, learn Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and other fundamental postures.

Level 3

For students who have been doing yoga for over a year, can do the standing poses and Sirsasana (headstand) and Urdva Dhanurasana (the bridge) with confidence. You will deepen the basic postures, and learn more challenging ones.

Level 2

For students with at least 6 months experience in Level 1 postures, including Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). Refine the basics and learn Sirsasana (headstand), handstand, backbends and begin pranayama (breathing exercises).


For everybody. During the restorative yoga classes you relax and recover in supported postures. This calms your nervous system. You study your breath and its influence on your body and consciousness.

do you want to create space for your inner child?

Join the active class for kids and adults

Ready to jump, roll, swing your arms… and then have a contest who can be the most quiet and still? A short, active and fun yoga class for kids, big and small. You don’t need to have children to join. Just let yourself be a child again A quick energy boost for everybody!

Wednesday 16.00-16.45 with Tally

What does it cost?

First time with us?

  • Trial class: €12
  • Trial subscription: €55 (1 month)

Class cards

  • 1 single class: € 16
  • 5 classes (in 2 months): € 70
  • 10 classes (in 4 months): € 125
  • 30 classes (in 1 year): € 330

Unlimited yoga subscriptions

  • 6 months, pay at once: €395
  • 1 ‘single’ month, pay at once, no strings attached: €85
  • Monthly subscription: €68 per month, pay via autopay.
    Duration 3 months, after that you can cancel per month. You can stop your subscription once a year for 1 month.
questions about payment of classes

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We use a sliding scale payment system for online classes:
Online class for people who have less to spend: €6. If you can afford it and want to make it possible for us to keep yoga classes accessible for the above category: pay with your regular class card.
If you have an unlimited subscription, you can of course also enjoy these classes as usual.

Can I pay online? No. Sorry.
We don’t sell classes online yet, but you can always choose ‘enroll as unpaid’ in Mindbody and then email us what kind of card you’d like to purchase. Then we’ll send you a Tikkie. Or you can transfer the money directly to us at NL44 TRIO 0197 7933 04 (please mention your name and the card you want to buy).

All class cards and subscriptions are personal.
The class cards are valid for all group classes, with the exception of the Special Needs lessons, pregnancy yoga and courses or workshops. If you have classes left over when your class card expires, you can take them with you when you buy a next card. For more, refer to our general conditions

If you are struggling financially
we are open to discuss an adjusted payment model. Please contact us. Really. We’d rather see you come to class and pay less than stay away. If you have a valid student card (full-time) or U-pas, you can get a 10% discount on class cards. You can also use your U-pas budget (we do not give a discount on purchases with your U-pas budget). The Community Class is free of charge.