Community Class

also if you have less money to spend

Taught by teachers in training

We are happy to give teachers in training the opportunity to gain teaching experience. Therefore they teach a donation-based class. Open for everybody: give what you can spare or join with your iYoga Unlimited Subscription. The classes are suitable forbeginners.

Due to Corona the Community classes will be online for now. Sign up via the schedule!

The teachers in training are happy to share their enthusiasm about yoga and what they experience in their own practice. As one of them wrote: “You discover how your body can adopt postures that you never thought possible. You can calm your busy head. Or experience the beauty of lightness in yourself. Of silence within yourself. Yoga can even give you insights in your behavior in difficult situations. It’s very special. We each want to share this rich world with you in our own way. Me too! Are you in?”

Who can you expect?


Diana loves to be able to learn again and again and would like to let others experience what yoga can do to you.


‘How can it be that the ability of my body to heal and grow is all available, all present and here?’. Cécile is always wondering about this question on the beautiful Iyengar yoga journey. See you in class!


Yoga, for me, means doing! A beautiful voyage of discovery in consciousness.


Dirkje is practicing Iyengar yoga because she thinks it is a very honest way of finding health, happiness and freedom. She hopes to share a bit of what she’s learned on the way with others.


Yoga has made Agnieszka open to many things and it also gives her the courage and strength to follow her heart for things that matter. She also learned through yoga that everything in life takes time.


Anita’s Iyengar Yoga journey been full with joy, challenges and sometimes tears, but she always returns to her mat because there her chattering thoughts can quieten and she can be in the moment. In her classes she wants to bring the physical and mental benefits of yoga to her students and loves to see their serene faces after the class.


Simeon started yoga because of back problems and an overall interest in Eastern philosophy. After some wanderings, he ended up at Iyengar yoga. He stuck around because of the pragmatic approach, the great knowledge of the teachers and because the handstand is a serious exercise in this tradition.


Mieke loves the analytical aspect of Iyengar yoga, which gives you insight into the effect of the posture on the rest of your body, and ultimately also on your mental state. In her classes she strives to give you the attention and space to discover this for yourself, in a spontaneous and relaxed atmosphere.


With yoga Aline found the balance she was looking for to help with work stress.


Doing what is good for you is deeply rooted in Marijke. Yoga is always good for her in an ever-surprising way. And she would like to share that.