Community Class

also if you have less money to spend

Taught by teachers in training

We are happy to give teachers in training the opportunity to gain teaching experience. Therefore they teach a donation-based class. The classes are suitable for beginners and open to everyone: pay what you can afford or join with your iYoga Unlimited Subscription. If you sign up for the class via Momoyoga, you will receive an email after the class with a payment link for which you can enter the amount yourself. Or you can put cash in the Donation Jar. Every contribution is welcome! That way you also contribute to our space – which we love to make available for these lessons.

Thursdays from 18.00-19.15 there’s a community class with Despoina, and on Sundays from 18.00-19.30 you can also join Eeke’s regular class on a donation basis.

The teachers in training are happy to share their enthusiasm about yoga and what they experience in their own practice. As one of them wrote: “You discover how your body can take on poses you didn’t think possible. You can quiet your busy head. Or experience the beauty of lightness within yourself. Stillness within yourself. Yoga can even give you insights give in your behavior in difficult situations. We each want to share that rich world with you in our own way. Me too! Are you in?”

Who can you expect?


Despoina’s journey into Iyengar yoga began as a personal quest for healing and self-discovery. She believes that yoga is a transformative practice that extends beyond the mat. Through yoga, individuals can not only strengthen their bodies but also attain mental clarity and emotional stability. Join her class and experience it for yourself!


Eeke loves the physical aspect and the precision of Iyengar Yoga. As she became more involved with yoga, she became fascinated by the effect that yoga has on your thinking and your (often unconscious) behavior.
Eeke is also concerned with human behavior in her work as an organizational developer. She is regularly faced with the question: how do you get people moving? – a question that she can now also work on in the community classes. Eeke has been certified since 2023!