Community Class

also if you have less money to spend

Taught by teachers in training

We are happy to give teachers in training the opportunity to gain teaching experience. Therefore they teach a donation-based class. Open for everybody: give what you can spare or join with your iYoga Unlimited Subscription. The classes are suitable forbeginners.

On Tuesdays from 19.30-21.00 there is a community class with Edward, and onSundays from 18.00-19.30 with Eeke.

The teachers in training are happy to share their enthusiasm about yoga and what they experience in their own practice. As one of them wrote: “You discover how your body can adopt postures that you never thought possible. You can calm your busy head. Or experience the beauty of lightness in yourself. Of silence within yourself. Yoga can even give you insights in your behavior in difficult situations. It’s very special. We each want to share this rich world with you in our own way. Me too! Are you in?”

Who can you expect?


Edward is always interested to learn more about yoga. And he has been training to teach for a few years. Edward is actually already certified, but he still likes the community class too much to give it up.


Eeke loves the physical aspect and the precision of Iyengar Yoga. As she became more involved with yoga, she became fascinated by the effect that yoga has on your thinking and your (often unconscious) behavior.
Eeke is also concerned with human behavior in her work as an organizational developer. She is regularly faced with the question: how do you get people moving? – a question that she can now also work on in the community classes.