Mentor track

For qualified students

Prepare for teaching

Yoga is a subject you have to experience. You can only teach from your own experience. That is why your own practice is central. After about 3 years of regular Iyengar yoga classes, you can start to look for a qualified teacher as a Mentor. You will enter a relationship with this Mentor for at least another 3 years, during which time you will be guided in general classes that you attend and observe, assist and begin to teach. NB assisting in classes will take on a different shape in Corona time. We will work together to find a safe way to gain the skills to teach Iyengar yoga.


For whom?

This course is for you if you:

  • want to prepare for the Iyengar yoga exam
  • have at least 3 years of Iyengar yoga experience and think you’re ready to share what you’ve learned
  • are willing to work with your Mentor for another 3 years
  • want to work 1-on-1 or in small groups to observe, assist and begin teaching.
under supervision and in cooperation

Intensive study

If you are considering choosing Hiske or one of the other teachers at iYoga as your mentor, this page will tell you how we work. The best way to find out if this program is right for you is to come to a class and talk to us before or after. We expect you to attend at least 2 regular classes a week, participate in the In-depth Course each year, and additionally attend a number of workshops, as well as ‘Teachers Lab’ sessions, where you work on teaching in a small, set group with your fellow trainees. These sessions are only accessible for those who are participating in the Mentor Program at iYoga.

Besides the In-depth course and the Teachers Lab sessions you follow regular classes anda private class of 90 minutesat least 5 times a year (or 10 times 45 minutes, depending on your schedule and to be agreed with your Mentor) in which we discuss your progress or questions. There are no other costs involved. But we do ask for your commitment.

From the third year of your track we will discuss if you’re ready for the assessment. When that is the case, your mentor can give you a recommendation for the assessment of the Iyengar Yoga Vereniging Nederland. Please note: participating in the mentor track does not automatically mean that you get a recommendation!


What can the program look like?

1st year

Take classes and deepen your practice

Mainly focused on taking classes and the In-depth Course, deepening your own practice. Learn the names of the āsanas and read relevant material. And you will start with the ‘Teachers Lab’ sessions and can also start observing and assisting.

2nd year

Start observing and assisting

Observe a minimum of 10 classes and assist in 20 lessons. Follow the In-depth Course. Start practicing teaching your fellow trainees and follow the ‘Teachers Lab’ sessions. Reflect on this by keeping a journal and writing reports.

3rd year

Start teaching

You follow the In-depth Course and Teachers Lab sessions. Assist again for a minimum of 15 ckasses, and start teaching independently during regular classes. Your Mentor gives you feedback – either by being present in your class, or by watching video recordings – and as a trainee you write reflection reports.