our online and live classes

Below you will find our current schedule

In the schedule you see ‘Online’ or ‘Live’ classes. You can follow the online classes at home on your computer, tablet or phone. We teach the ‘Live’ classes in our yoga school.

Some classes are online and live at the same time. So pay attention when you sign up!

For all classes, please sign up online by clicking ‘sign up’ next to the class of your choice, and then log in to the MindBody system. Or click here to go directly to the MindBody site. And if you’re on your phone, download the MindBody Connect app.

Please note that when signing up through Mindbody, you can’t pay online – choose ‘enroll as unpaid’, come to the studio and pay with pin or send us an email with which class card you want and we’ll send you a payment request via ‘tikkie’! The studio door opens 10 minutes before class starts.