our online and live classes

Below you see our current schedule

We offer classes ‘Online’ or ‘At school’. You can follow the online classes at home on your computer, tablet or phone. The ‘At school’ classes are – you guessed it! – at our yogaschool. So pay attention when you sign up!

Some classes are simultaneously in the yoga school and online via a live stream. If you participate online, you will be visible on the screen to the teacher. You will receive personal instructions and so just participate in the lesson, but from home. You will get an email with the Zoom link for the online classes. And from 30 minutes before the class starts, you can also see the link via the scheduel (go to the class you registered for, click on it, and you see the link). If you register less than 30 minutes before the lesson, you will not receive an email, but you can use the link via the schedule. You must then also be logged in to Momoyoga on the device on which you want to take the class.