About iYoga Utrecht

our ideal yoga school with art and plants

We started in a small studio

iYoga was founded in 2013 by Claas Hille and Hiske van der Meulen. In 2017 we moved to a former garage building at the Amsterdamsestraatweg 227 which we converted to a light and spacious yoga school. We have 2 yoga rooms with underfloor heating, props, a rope wall, ceiling ropes and a large lobby/dressing area. And even the possibility to wash your feet before the class. Erikjan Cuperus helped us to design and build our ideal yoga school. The plants are thriving!

We love art almost as much as we love yoga and plants. In our yoga school you can find works of Utrecht based artists like Roland Sohier and Bas Lobik. If you are interested in one of these works, please contact us or the artist directly.

We believe that yoga is not only good for you, but it should also be fun. And accessible. We try our best to make yoga available to everyone. That’s why our studio is wheelchair accessible, we have ‘Special Needs‘ classes if regular classes don’t suit your needs, and in addition to the regular classes that pay our bills, we also offer Community Classes Community Classes on a donation basis.