… or prepare for the next lockdown. Life demands a lot of our flexibility these days. We were just getting used to the 5-to-5 lockdown, and now we have to go back to online only. So okay, here we go again.

We’re going to have some fun online, with our regular schedule and thealready-legendary Christmas classes with Claas. 25 and 26 December from 10.00-12.00.And of course also New Years Yoga on 1 January from 12.00-14.00. Go find your glittery leggings!

The lockdown starts Sunday 19 December, the schedule has been adjusted. If you were registered for a lesson ‘at school’ in the coming week, your registration has been removed. We would of course love it if you participate online instead, but please register via the schedule.

Are our online classes are new to you? Give it a try! You really don’t need a professional yoga studio (as nice as that is). You can do yoga at home on a small piece of floor between your desk and the closet. Here on our website you can find more information about how it works and what you need.