Here we go again. A new set of Corona measures and we bend along. That means that from this Sunday onwards we have to close every day at 5pm. But don’t worry: we will continue with the online classes, and add an end-of-the-afternoon class to the schedule every day. You can still keep one and a half meters distance in the room, and we will continue to ventilate and clean. So: bend along, adjust your schedule, plan your yoga class at 4:30 and work from home afterwards!

Below you will find an overview of the classes we are adding for as long as these measures last. It is possible that something changes so always check the most current schedule!

If you’re still up for a little philosophy lesson or some other food for thought (or entertainment) click here, and if you’re wondering what those spheres are that you see lying or hanging everywhere, read on. Spoiler alert: you can now buy one for yourself!

If you have been wondering what those spheres are doing around the yoga school, or if you’re interested in art in general and specifically ‘Utrechtse’ art, watchthis film that Claas made.

On the website Kunstforum Utrecht you can find more videos about art and makers.

Do you want a sphere for yourself? Mail Claas!

End-of-the-afternoon classes:

Starting 29 November 2021
Monday 15.30-17.00 – All Levels with Annabel
Tuesday 15.30-17.00 – Back Care with Daniela
Wednesday 15.30-17.00 – All Levels with Claas
Thursday 15.30-17.00 – Special Needs
Friday 15.30-17.00 – Restorative with Claas