This is “back to school” season. New students arrive in Utrecht, working people come back from vacation, and the Hema is full of children buying diaries, wrapping paper and other school supplies. Full of anticipation, looking forward to the new, unknown. Also here at iYoga we are getting ready to go back to school and look forward to a new school year.

I’m back from hospital, and I’m actually recovering very quickly and well. It’s quite a long story, but I know a lot of you are wondering what exactly is going on. So, as briefly as possible: I was suddenly admitted for coughing up blood. After all kinds of complications in all kinds of examinations, the top half of my right lung was removed. It turned out to contain a large encapsulated hematoma. It is not malignant, and the reason why this uninvited guest has settled with me is still unknown. After the surgery I had complications again: thrombosis in my leg, and pulmonary embolism. That was unlucky, but I was also very lucky because just then an innovative procedure was possible that allowed for removal of most of the embolisms. Then the recovery process started, and I’m still in the middle of that. But I am looking forward to teaching again soon. I have received a lot of sweet, heartwarming reactions in the form of cards, emails, messages, books, delicious food, vegetables from the vegetable garden, flowers… too many to mention really. Thank you all for that,and also for ‘just’ your interest. And a special thank you to all the teachers who filled in for me, especially to Eyal Shifroni who offered to do that from Israel! I feel so grateful to be part of this community.

We’re also happy that Tally is here this month to help us out, that also allows Claas and I to get away from time to time… and if you want to enjoy Tally’s presence too, you can do that until the end of August. For example, in the next few days, at her summer workshop – there are still a few spots available!

Furthermore, I cannot express how happy I am with Iyengar Yoga. Even in the hospital, the doctors and nurses were amazed at how well I could feel what was wrong with my body and how quickly I recovered. Apparently it is not normal that you can put your own hair in a ponytail within a week after a thoracotomy. But if you practice Urdhva Baddhangulyasana (among others) daily, with patience and sensitivity, mobility turns out to return quite quickly. And so I was standing on my hands against a tree again within 6 weeks. The physiotherapist almost had a heart attack when I told him ;) And that’s why I’m extra happy with the opportunity to be able to share Iyengar Yoga.. In regular classes of course (the summer schedule ends soon!), but also in workshops and courses. Below you can see what we have in store for you in the near future!