Discover yoga in Utrecht at iYoga Utrecht


Discover yoga in Utrecht

Welcome to iYoga Utrecht, where we are ready to support you with your yoga practice in the heart of Utrecht. For seasoned practitioners and for those that have never stepped on a yoga mat before: our studio offers a range of options to support you in achieving your yoga goals. Whether that means a more flexible body or more peace of mind.

Not only a yoga school but also a place to connect

At iYoga Utrecht we believe in the power of community and connection. Our studio, located on the Amsterdamsestraatweg in bustling Utrecht, is not just a place where you can practice yoga. But it is also a place where you meet like-minded people. Are you new in town? Or have you lived in Utrecht for a long time? At iYoga you will find a warm and welcoming environment where you will hopefully feel right at home.

Our yoga classes in Utrecht

In our yoga classes we do our best to meet your needs, regardless of your experience level or body type. From dynamic classes to soothing Restorative yoga, pregnancy yoga or therapeutic Back Care or Special Needs classes, we offer a range of classes tailored to different needs and preferences. We also provide Community classes on a donation basis, and you can use your U-pas budget with us if you live in Utrecht and have less to spend. We aim to be accessible to everyone. Our experienced and dedicated teachers will guide you with care and attention so that you feel safe to explore and deepen your practice.

Why choose iYoga Utrecht?

1. Certified and experienced teachers

Our teachers are certified and have extensive experience in teaching Iyengar yoga.

2. Flexible class schedule

We offer a flexible schedule, so you can easily find classes that fit your program.

3. Small groups

We keep our classes small to ensure personal attention and support for each student.

4. A safe and supportive environment

At iYoga Utrecht we do our best to create a safe and supportive environment where you can feel free to explore and deepen your practice.

5. Classes in the yoga studio and online

Choose what you want: online interactive and personal guidance, or participate in the studio with the benefits of all the props.

Front door of i Yoga Utrecht with Welcome on it and the blue sky and a cloud reflected in it.

Unique in Utrecht: specialized in Iyengar yoga

Sirsasana between two Ikea stools Iyengar yoga

iYoga Utrecht is the only specialized Iyengar yoga school in Utrecht. Iyengar yoga is known for its emphasis on precision, alignment and attention to detail, making performing the postures not only a physical challenge but also a ‘meditation in action’. In an Iyengar yoga class you use props such as blocks, straps, ropes, chairs and bolsters so that the postures become accessible, even if you were not born as a contortionist. In fact, even if you get older or have injuries or conditions, you can benefit from the benefits of the postures. Here you can see, for example, how you can stand on your head using two kitchen steps, so that you can also do it if you are not yet very strong in your arms. And if you have been involved in acrobatics since the age of four, the props can offer you more challenge and insight. Our experienced teachers will guide you through a series of poses, emphasizing personalized instruction and a safe, thoughtful approach to each pose.

Beautiful well-equipped yoga studio in the heart of Utrecht

The foot wash basins in the lobby of iYoga Utrecht with plants and the piano

We are proud of our self-designed yoga studio. We have made our dream come true in a former garage on the Amsterdamsestraatweg: a yoga studio with two spacious rooms and a cozy lobby. It really is a ‘hidden gem’ in a courtyard. Walk through our gate along our green driveway-that-slowly-transforms-into-a-garden and discover one of Utrecht’s best-kept secrets! We have many plants and art inside. In the spacious lobby you can sit quietly on the couch and drink a cup of tea while browsing a book from our yoga library. Sometimes someone plays the piano for a while. If you have had a long day, you can wash your feet before class in our foot wash basins (which in a previous life were children’s wash basins in a primary school).

The longest street in our city

The Amsterdamsestraatweg still has a bit of a rough edge by Utrecht standards. There is plenty to do on this longest street in Utrecht, which runs from the canal to Maarssen and crosses neighborhoods such as Pijlsweerd, Ondiep, Elinkwijk and Zuilen. iYoga is located at the beginning of this long street: less than a kilometer from Utrecht Central Station and a 4-minute bike ride from the Vredenburg. If you cycle from the center to Zuilen you pass right by us (so you might as well hop off your bike for a yoga class!) You may have seen our sign in passing.

Our studio is also easily accessible from neighborhoods such as the Vogelenbuurt, Tuinwijk, Wittevrouwen, Lombok, and New England. And free parking is (still) around the corner if you live a little further away.

The sign of i Yoga Utrecht on the Amsterdamsestraatweg

Also easily accessible if you are not from Utrecht

Because we have a lot of space and are centrally located in the country, people often come to us from outside Utrecht. People from different parts of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium take classes with us. Because Iyengar yoga is practiced worldwide, it can also be fun to take a class when you are on vacation or traveling for work. And people come to Utrecht especially for our yoga workshops with national and international top teachers. We have welcomed guests from all over the world. We also regularly offer space for national exams from the Iyengar Yoga Association Netherlands. And sometimes we rent out the studio. If you are interested, please contact us.

Come visit us

Are you ready to start your yoga journey? Come visit iYoga Utrecht and discover the many benefits of yoga for yourself. Our doors are always open for you. Contact us today to learn more about our classes, events and special offers. We look forward to welcoming you to our yoga school in Utrecht! You can always email or call us!