We are happy with our small community, in which both joys and sorrows are shared. Quite literally, in this case. Below you will find a Message from Masja, who is going through rough times, and to whom we wish all the strength, courage and love she may need.And a message fromTally, who will give her last lesson in Utrecht tomorrow – for the time being (but don’t worry, she’ll still teach online!). If you want to explore the ‘acts of yoga‘ a little more deeply, together with a group of like-minded people: the In-Depth Course will start again next month!

Message from Masja

I would like to let you know why I have not been teaching much lately. After uncertain weeks with many tests, I have recently received the news that I have breast cancer. Although I feel positive and I have no fear, it has been mentally and physically intense and I had to take a rest before surgery. The treatment plan that follows after surgery is entirely dependent on the outcome of various tests and is still uncertain.

In the past sixteen years yoga has taught me so much. To be aware in all aspects of body and life, even when that is not always easy. Teaching is my passion, I am so grateful that I can share this. That is why I want to teach again as soon as the treatment plan and my energy level allow. I would like to be open about this. This also makes it easier for me to start teaching again, possibly with physical limitations or external changes.

I would like to thank Hiske and Claas for their support in this weird time and the last minute substitute of my classes over the past few weeks. And also Daniela for taking over my classes. I hope to see you again soon! Check the schedule to see if I’m back or who is teaching.

By the way, it’s no problem for me to talk about it. Feel free to ask questions, but preferably after class.

Wishing everybody a beautiful fall and hopefully see you soon.



A message from Tally

A big thank you to all that came to the studio for the classes, I enjoyed seeing you so much and having a class together live again. iYoga with it all is the hardest part to leave, so I am not leaving. I will be back.

If by November it will be possible for foreigners to enter Israel then I invite you to a 5 day retreat around Eilat mountains with Eyal Shifroni and myself. More info here. Don’t hesitate to contact me with queries at tally.eldor@gmail.com.