From next Saturday, November 6 onwards, we will have to check your QR-code. That means you must be able to demonstrate that you are vaccinated against, cured of, or tested for Covid-19. Please bring your QR code to class as well as a valid ID.

Please note: even if you have a valid QR code, please stay home if you may have corona-related complaints and get tested (and participate online!). If you’re fine: keep 1,5 m distance when possible, and wash or disinfect your hands before and after the lesson.

If you don’t have a valid QR code, we hope you will continue to join our online classes. If that doesn’t work for you, we are – as always – willing to pause or extend your subscription or class card.

Since the previous restrictions were lifted, we have ‘eased’ less than we could have done. This means that in the yoga rooms you can still keep 1,5 m distance, and that is also no problem in our spacious entrance. We see that you also try to give each other as much space as possible when changing. Please keep that up (or come to class in your yoga clothes). And keep your head up :)

Calling all Early Birds!

Working from home? Looking for a fresh start to your day?
Take advantage of the extra hour of morning light!
We now offer an online ‘early bird’ class every weekday.

New on Tuesday morning: All Levels Online with Dorthe from 7.30-8.30.