From 15 January you are welcome again at the yoga school. Bring your valid QR code, face mask, and your good mood. Please wear the mask when you are not on your yoga mat. We will check the QR code when you arrive. And that good mood, well, hopefully that will come after class anyway!

If you’re in quarantine, live far away, have a little trouble getting out of bed, or just don’t feel like coming to the yoga school: all classes are (also) online.

So look carefully when you book: At School = on the ASW, and Online = at your home via the computer.
Book your class via the schedule.

About the schedule… We apologise, but Mindbody still hasn’t found the bug that’s messing our schedule up. We do have a way to work around it (which is also noted in big red letters on the site, but we notice that sometimes people scroll down quickly and then don’t read everything…): if you click on ‘today’, the schedule will be refreshed and you will see the ‘sign in’ buttons. And it also works in the Mindbody app.