The Stones already said it.
Snow in April? Your kite stuck in the trees? Yoga school closed? It may not be exactly what you want. It may be a serious pain in the behind. And you can devote a lot of thoughts to that ‘not wanting’. Have all kinds of opinions about it. Find solutions. Identify the guilty. But in the end that doesn’t help at all. Because it is the way it is. And the more time and energy you spend on ‘not wanting’ reality as it presents itself, the less you spend on actually doing something fun. Or useful.

…but if you try sometimes, well, you might find, you get what you need.

For example, we used the time to build a new website. Totally ‘2021’ in terms of the back (because the old one really could not be updated anymore). And we think the front is also very beautiful :) So you can at least look at the pictures of the yoga school. We hope you can find what you are looking for, and if you have any comments we would love to hear from you. And we happily continue to lift tiles from our former concrete wasteland to turn it into a nice green oasis. Just wait!

We are also still very happy with all our loyal at-home yogis, and we are completely used to the view in all those boxes on the screen, with the now familiar furniture, stair gates, piano stools, and the housemates, big or small, and with two legs or more. What a huge gift that to be able to do all of this. And who would have expected Tally to still teach from her attic room in Tel Aviv or her apartment in Eilat! For some of you, we hear, it is a godsend to be able to do yoga, even if you are at the campsite, abroad, or if you live far away. And some are gradually discovering the power of practicing at home, with the things around you. And hopefully we’ll see the ones that are zoomed-out back at the ASW in a short while, hungry for yoga. Together we make the best of the circumstances and the possibilities that do exist.

And we’ve added some new classes to the schedule. See below and come and join us!

Community classes are back!

There’s a team of 10 (!) teachers in training who are dying to start spreading their wings and we are happy to give them the opportunity, and the password to our Zoom account, so they can start teaching. Anyone can join. Including, and especially, beginners. Classes are free and if you want to give a donation, you’re welcome. Curious? Read more here.
Classes are from 12-13 on Wednesday and Friday.

Yoga for Kids and Adults

Ready to jump, roll, wave your arms… and then have a competition to see who can be the most quiet and still? A short, active and fun yoga class for kids, big and small. You don’t need to have kids to join. Just let yourself be a child again. be. A quick energy boost for everybody!

Wednesday 16.00-16.45 with Tally