Back Care Class

80% of all people will have back pain at some point in their lives

Get to know and understand your body

In the back care classes we focus on two important areas in our body: One week we focus on the upper back, shoulders and neck and the other week we focus on the lower back, pelvis and hips. Two areas that you can see as the nodes of your body through which many veins, nerves, muscles and tendons run, and from which we move the lower and upper body. Areas where we easily retain tension and emotions without noticing, where we slack or harden when we are tired and start to compensate in other areas, causing an imbalance. This class is a combination of relaxation and movement with effort. Becoming aware of unnecessary tensions, letting go and making space to tighten and strengthen the right muscles.

This class is for everybody! If you have an injury or pre-existing condition, we advise you to send an email before class, or to be there 10 minutes before the class, so that you have time to share this with the teacher.