It looks like the spring of ’21 is slowly emerging… and equally slowly, the Netherlands are opening up. From 19 May onwards we may welcome 2 people per class ‘live’ – as it stands now. Not quite enough for a ‘real’ class in the big room. But great for those of you who can’t wait to get offline for a class. So this week we’ll start adding classes to the schedule where 2 people can sign up. Then you participate in the online lesson that is being given at that time and of course you also receive personal attention from the teacher. Not all classes are on the schedule yet, so please check back regularly!

Pay attention when you sign up: ‘at school’ means at the ASW, and for ‘online’ you don’t have to leave the house… Hopefully we’ll soon be able to admit more people to the classes. Some classes, including Tally’s classes and early morning classes, will remain online only.

A few ‘rules’:

  • there are not that many places so don’t sign up for all the lessons right away :) but of course we hope that all places will be used!
  • in the unlikely event that you are unable to join, unsubscribe well in advance so that someone else can still take your place.
  • if you end up on the waitlist, check your email so you know when you’ve been added to the class – and if you’ve made other plans, unsubscribe so that the next person waiting can get their turn.
  • and finally, some teachers come to the studio especially for these classes, so make sure you come too!



When you enter the yoga school, please put on your mouth mask, and you can take it off when the class starts. We keep 1,5 meter distance. The changing room and showers will remain closed until further notice. If possible, bring your own mat and a large towel or blanket. And you can disinfect your hands and the props you used before and after class.

We are regularly asked whether we will continue to teach online. Of course we cannot look into the future, but we find teaching online – although very different from ‘live’ – an enrichment. We are also very happy that we can take online yoga classes with teachers in India, England and the US (as we have done this past week alone). And as long as there is interest, our online lessons will remain part of our offer!

(Speaking of our offer: click here for a new addition to our schedule…)