No props? No problem! Welcome to our Prop-o-theque

Our Live Online yoga classes have started! We’re still very much in the experimental phase but to begin with it’s fantastic to get together online and do yoga, and we are getting positive comments. Some people even find it nicer than the regular classes! Another nice thing about this whole situation is that people from further away can also join, so we have had iYogi’s from outside Utrecht and even outside of the country! And this Friday morning we even had our ‘regular’ friday morning coffee club in a virtual room. It feels great to stay connected. Which you may also notice from the newsletters, we haven’t ever sent as many as this past week!

Of course we hope that you’ve already tried an online class or are planning to do so soon! We’re constantly in the process of adjusting and improving the schedule so keep an eye on the website and sign up for the classes!

But… what if you don’t have a yoga studio at your home?

You don’t need to have all the ‘standard’ props to do Iyengar yoga. Your kitchen chair doubles as a yoga chair, and your bathrobe waistband becomes a yoga belt. But it could be that your home-setup is not quite perfected yet. Maybe you suddenly find yourself missing our grey blankets, or an extra block, bolster or chair!

Well, we happen to have quite a big stock of props here at the yoga school that are not being used at the moment. So you can borrow the props – all you have to do in return is to bring them back clean and in one piece when we are allowed to open the yoga school again. Blankets, blue mats, bolster covers and belts all can be washed in the washing machine. So if you live locally, email us what you need and we will make a pickup appointment with you. We can do this completely contactless: we put your stuff outside, you ring the bell at the gate, we open the gate remotely and you pick up your stuff.

Would you rather have new props or are you planning to continue in your home practice space in the future? We also have mats, bolsters, belts, blocks for sale in our store, and you can even buy a second-hand chair. Email us what you want, the pickup ritual is the same and we send you a payment request with a Tikkie.