New decade… New adventures ahead

This spring we’ll make the most of the leap year (‘schrikkeljaar’) by adding an extra day to Eyal Shifroni’s workshop - now 4 days instead of 3. It’s completely sold out at the moment, which is fantastic! It does require us to have few schedule changes (see below or check the schedule regularly if you want to be in the know!).
If you’re still interested in Eyal’s workshop, last minute spots may open so you can always email us to get on the waitlist.

In March, we once again host Garth McLean. He is a wonderful and genuinely loving person, it’s always a joy to be around him, and we hope many more people sign up to his workshop!

We’ve added two new mid-morning classes to our schedule: Mondays with Anne and Fridays with Leen, both from 11.00-12.15. And last but not least: Tally is off to some new adventures…