Geeta Iyengar

A week ago today, Geeta Iyengar led us through a children’s yoga class. All 1300 adults and a few dozen children were swept away in a stream of fast-paced jumpings, salutations and prostrations. The adults sweating. The children laughing and eager to do and learn and do. Geeta taught with such energy, fire and depth. She spoke about aging. She spoke about grief, death, and how dying takes courage. She reminded us to remember what it feels like to be a child. During the last 2 weeks she was so present, so full of life, and she and Prashant filled us to the brim with their knowledge. I hope we can all catch a few drops of what they rained down on us.

It is hard to imagine that now, a week later – even 2 days after the grand final of the Centennial celebrations – she is no longer there, in Pune. After a long flight, returning to a cold, white country, the last weeks almost feel like a dream.

We hope we can do justice to her memory. She gave her life to yoga, as she said ‘because I was attracted to the subject’. She gave her energy to teaching. She could be frustrated because we could not always catch what she taught. But as she said on her birthday, “I love you. That’s why I can shout at you”

Thank you Geetaji.

Photo credit: Shael Sharma