Corona measures

Below some highlights from our Corona measures. Please check our full Corona Protocol before signing up for a class!

Stay home if you’re unwell – we do too

  • even if it’s just a little cold
  • also if your housemates are sick
  • take the class online!

Sign up for class ahead of time

  • we have less spaces so be on time
  • sign out well ahead of time if you can’t make it
  • make sure your contact info is up-to-date

Walk or cycle to class if possible

  • avoid public transport
  • our door opens 10 minutes before class

Give each other space

  • we don’t give hands-on¬†adjustments
  • stay in your own space during class
  • 1,5 meter distance also outside the yoga room
  • 1 person at a time in the dressing area

Help us keep a smooth flow

  • come already dressed for yoga
  • enter and leave the yoga room 1 by 1
  • minimize toilet use (only if necessary); no showers

Wash your hands

  • we provide soap and disinfectant
  • use your own towel or paper towel (and discard the latter immediately)

Bring your own mat, belt and towel

  • a big bath towel to cover the props
  • and if you like, also your own eye pillow
  • disinfect the yoga school props before and after class

We do extra cleaning and ventilate well

  • our ventilation system is (and was) always on
  • we will use extra ventilation during and after class
  • if it is not raining, the windows will be open