Words from Geeta

In her last class during the Centennial workshop, Geeta started with a talk about how the body is such an important instrument – though it seems so negligible. “A small tilt can have great consequences, so you have to pay attention.”

“If you could directly touch the soul, my job is over, no problem! But you cannot. So you have to pay attention to make sure that the small (or big) calls of the body get silenced. The soul itself never pulls you here or there – you have to go to it, it is not coming to you.”⠀

“You have to take. It is all taught. But how much you take is your responsibility. How much you pay attention depends on your strength.

“The book is there in front of you, but you have to open it, you have to read.”

(all from my personal notes, so any mistakes are mine)

Geeta Iyengar

A week ago today, Geeta Iyengar led us through a children’s yoga class. All 1300 adults and a few dozen children were swept away in a stream of fast-paced jumpings, salutations and prostrations. The adults sweating. The children laughing and eager to do and learn and do. Geeta taught with such energy, fire and depth. She spoke about aging. She spoke about grief, death, and how dying takes courage. She reminded us to remember what it feels like to be a child. During the last 2 weeks she was so present, so full of life, and she and Prashant filled us to the brim with their knowledge. I hope we can all catch a few drops of what they rained down on us.

It is hard to imagine that now, a week later – even 2 days after the grand final of the Centennial celebrations – she is no longer there, in Pune. After a long flight, returning to a cold, white country, the last weeks almost feel like a dream.

We hope we can do justice to her memory. She gave her life to yoga, as she said ‘because I was attracted to the subject’. She gave her energy to teaching. She could be frustrated because we could not always catch what she taught. But as she said on her birthday, “I love you. That’s why I can shout at you”

Thank you Geetaji.

Photo credit: Shael Sharma

An extraordinary man

Today, it is 100 years ago that an extraordinary man was born. We are grateful for his lessons and happy to be here in Pune to celebrate the event with so many friends from all over the world.
If you’re in Utrecht, stop by tonight for the celebration at iYoga Utrecht – a rope yoga class with Joelle from 19.30 and a movie, music by Tally tea and some snacks from 20.45.



“I will never stop learning, and I have tried to share some of these lessons with you. I pray that my ending will be your beginning. The great rewards and the countless blessings of a life following the Inward Journey await you.”

-BKS Iyengar, Light on Life

Greetings from India

We’re writing this from Pune, India, where we will attend the Centenary Celebrations: on december 14th it is 100 years ago that BKS Iyengar was born. It’s great to be back in India and touch base with the fantastic community of Iyengar yogis from all over the world. And we’re happy to know that all the classes in Utrecht are well taken care of. On the 14th there will be a small celebration at the studio. Further on in December there will be the traditional Christmas Yoga classes. For early 2019 we also have some wonderful things in store: a weekend on yoga and philosophy with Gitte Bechsgaard, and Eyal Shifroni is back! And on 5 Jan… we’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary! So, see you soon!

More props?

We received some new props… Viparita Karani boxes! We’re not sure if Toby is excited about them, but we definitely are. These boxes are used as a support in Viparita Karani (see this video for a clever way to enter the pose), but they also fit perfectly onto our benches for a very comfortable Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. Custom-made!

Welcome to the jungle!

We love this little corner near the piano. You can wash your feet here at our reclaimed foot washing basins (they started their life as elementary school sinks) – it’s a great way to prepare for class after wearing shoes or flip flops all day long. That way we keep things clean! And what better way to start your practice than with some self-care? ”The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in” -BKS Iyengar

Heat wave yoga

Hot yoga. Yoga with dog. Yes, I think we’re finally catching up with the trends. #2014calledtheywanttheirtrendsback

Vlogger Jessica visits iYoga

The Amsterdamsestraatweg is a street with it’s own Facebook page and even a couple of vloggers reporting about what is new at the ASW. How cool is that? One of them, Jessica, came to visit us and this is the result of her visit.

As we say in Dutch: ze was er ondersteboven van! Thanks for visiting Jessica and we hope to see you again.