Summer at last! What’s better than going outside for a run in the sun (or even in the rain)? A combination of running and yoga of course! In this masterclass Yoga for Runners, for example.

Iyengar Yoga can help prevent and heal common injuries by stretching muscles and moving joints that become stiff and stiff in many runners. And yoga can also help you strengthen and stabilize in the places you need it. When your body is properly aligned, you run faster and lighter. When you learn to control your breathing, you can harness the strength you need to go that extra mile.

Learn from Ahmed in this Masterclass ‘Yoga for Runners’!

13 juli 2024 10:00-12:30

This masterclass is suitable for runners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Whether you want to improve your personal bests or simply enjoy an injury-free running experience, this session will provide valuable insights and practical tools.

We do yoga barefoot, wear comfortable clothing in which your knees and ankles are visible (shorts or leggings).

Join Ahmed for this masterclass for runners. You will learn to integrate yoga into your own stretching or strengthening program.

Ahmed has been running (ultra)marathons and triathlons for quite some time. He started his marathon career in 1999 and has experienced most of the common running injuries. The addition of yoga to his training schedule resulted in running with less effort and much fewer injuries. He will share his experience about the benefits of combining yoga and running.

In this photo you see only a small part of his collection of ‘trophy shirts’! If you know, you know…

What can you expect?

– Increased Flexibility: Learn techniques to stretch and lengthen your muscles, which helps prevent common running injuries.

– Improved balance and alignment: Work on your balance and body alignment to develop a smoother and more effective running technique.

– Poses that strengthen your core, essential for stability while running.

– Awareness of your breathing to strengthen your mental focus

– Recovery and relaxation: End the session with restorative poses that help your body recover after intense workouts.