Pregnancy Yoga Partner Class | 15 June | online

Pregnancy Yoga Partner Class | 15 June | online

15 June – 13.00-14.30
€35 per couple or €17,50 if joined alone

This unique online pregnancy yoga class will focus on the important pre-labour phase, before the actual contractions start. You and your partner will learn how yoga and breathing techniques can help to significantly relax during the labour and delivery phase. In preparation for birth, asanas (postures) are used to widen the hips and the pelvic floor. It is important to learn straight positioning of the pelvis, so you will gain an instinctive and confident sense of the direction in which to exert pressure during the bearing down phase.

During these 2 hours we will focus on the breath and creating space in the pelvis and sides of your torso by lengthening the spine. Together with your partner you will be doing asanas that help you during the different labour phases. Your partner will learn how they can help you with yoga and breathing techniques during actual labour.

There will be theory, practice and breathing techniques, and enough time for a questions and answers and attention to your own personal issues. You will also get a hand-out for labour preparation. Time passes super quick and you will learn a lot. You can even take this class more than once and still benefit from it.

Sign up via Mindbody. Note: if you enroll via Mindbody you can’t pay online – choose ‘Enroll as Unpaid’, finish your registration and transfer the required amount to NL44 TRIO 0197 7933 04. Mention your name and ‘Pregnancy Partner Class’. Or you can come to the studio and pay by debit card!