In-Depth Course

A course for the serious student of yoga – build your foundation of practice and take a step further in your personal journey of self-study.

We are excited to offer a year long program of yoga study and practice that aims to inspire students to develop a deep understanding of the practice of āsana and prānāyāma, and to further their practice and understanding of the ‘art and science’ of Iyengar Yoga. When we develop a firm foundation in our yoga practice, yoga becomes the means to live our lives more fully, to develop healthy relationships and to give back to the world.

Four experienced certified Iyengar Yoga teachers will take you through a progressive study of āsana, prānāyāma and the underpinning philosophy, basic anatomy and physiology. This will give you a practical means to further develop your Iyengar yoga practice, as well as a depth of understanding of your consciousness and how yoga can benefit you. You will receive reading assignments and home practice materials so you can delve deeper into your home practice throughout the course and beyond.The course will offer you an environment to study yoga in-depth, and can be repeated over the years as the teachers will work with a variety of subjects from the richness of Iyengar yoga.