unlimited yoga

€ 55,-      trial subscription 1 month (30 days)
If you haven’t followed classes with us before.

€ 68,-       1 month (30 days) 
Pay per automatic withdrawal. Duration 3 months, after that  you can end it monthly. You can pause your subscription 1 time per year for a maximum of 4 weeks.

€ 395,-       6 months, pay at once

€ 85,-        1 maand, pay at once 

single classes

€ 12,-       trial class (one time only)
If you haven’t followed classes with us before.

€ 16,-       single class

5 Classes

2 months

€ 70,-

10 Classes

4 months

€ 125,-

30 Classes

1 year

€ 330,-

We offer a ‘sliding scale’ model of payment for the online classes:

  • Online class for people who have less financial space: €6
  • If you can afford it and want to help us keep yoga classes accessible for those mentioned above: pay with your regular class card.
  • People with an Unlimited Subscription can of course enjoy unlimited online classes.

If you are going through financially challenging times, we are always open to discuss a different payment model. Please contact us! Really – we’d rather see you in class and pay less than not at all.

You cannot purchase classes online yet, but you can always ‘enroll as unpaid’ in Mindbody and then let us know via email what card you want. Then we’ll send you a payment request via Tikkie. Or you can transfer the money directly to our account NL44 TRIO 0197 7933 04 (please mention your name and the class card you want to purchase).

All class cards and subscriptions are personal. Class cards are valid for all group classes except workshops, courses, Special Needs classes and pregnancy yoga If you have classes left on your card when it expires, you can take them with you if you purchase a new card. For all other conditions, please see our general terms and conditions (in Dutch)

If money or lack thereof is holding you back from doing yoga, please contact us. We’re happy to talk about it and see what we can do. If you can show a student card (full time students) or U-pas you are eligible for a 10% discount on the class cards. U-pas holders can also use their U-pas budget with us (we don’t give a discount when you use the budget). The Community Class is free.