Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnant? Congratulations! From week 13 of your pregnancy, you are welcome in our pregnancy yoga classes. We advise to start before week 20. In the classes we work in a no-nonsense way at creating strength, flexibility and relaxation.

In case of pregnancy related complaints, we will look for relief. Using props like blankets, blocks, belts, ropes and bolsters will help to maximise the effect from the various poses. At the same time they support your changing body and keep you from overworking or using your body in the wrong way. Obviously we cannot cure all pregnancy-related complaints but Iyengar Yoga often prevents or provides relief of common complaints. A focused practice can help you deal with things like back pain, pelvic floor or pelvic pain, bloating, and many psychological or mental complaints.

You will also practice breathing techniques and practice supported poses to increase and maintain your energy level.

We work in small groups, and offer enough props to support you. We recommend that you come every week, so you can work to prevent complaints and prepare for delivery as calmly and confidently as possible.

After delivery, you can resume your practice in the pregnancy classes 6 weeks after a delivery without complications and 10-12 weeks after a Cesarean or other complications. Recovery after delivery is different for every woman, but after 3-9 months you can also join the regular classes again. However please inform the teacher you that have given birth recently.

pregnancy Iyengar

1 Pregnancy Yoga Class

€ 20,-

10 Pregnancy Yoga Classes

€ 195,-

Class is every wednesday from 16.45 – 18.15. Start 30 oktober 2019.
Teacher: Daniela Gfeller.

If there is interest, we offer a quarterly partner and birth prep class. Time and date will be determined in agreement with the participants. You will do asanas to prepare for labour and your partner will get guidance on how to assist you during the process of giving birth.

Interested in Pregnancy yoga? Sign up here or let us know! 


Why practice Iyengar Yoga during your pregnancy?

  • Strengthen your legs, pelvis, lower back and shoulders
  • Create space in your pelvis to prepare for delivery
  • Learn to relax when necessary
  • Find relief from common complaints
  • Boost your physical and mental stamina
  • Optimise your overall condition to enjoy your pregnancy
  • Improve recovery after delivery
  • Meet others in the same phase of life