Online Classes

Like the lotus emerging from the mud, positive things can come from difficult times! Since the Corona lockdown we’re offering online yoga classes. They are streamed live, because we want to see you on video so that we can verbally cheer you on, help, and correct you. Some classes are ‘hybrid’ classes where we teach the people in our yoga room and the people at home but we aim to still see you and help you through our giant screen. So, prepare your living room, bedroom, office or attic and set up your device.

How it works:
  • sign up online (if possible, well ahead of class time)
  • when you sign up, you will receive an reservation confirmation with the link to log in via Zoom. One day before the class you will receive a reminder
  • so make sure you receive our emails – go to your Mindbody profile and make sure all the boxes with ‘email’ are ticked!
  • if another class is in session you will see a message that the host is in another meeting. Don’t worry, we’ll be right with you.
  • be ready 5-10 minutes before the class starts to solve any issues, check your setup and props, and to tell the teacher about any injuries you may have (you can use private chat!)
  • if you want the teacher to be able to see you, make sure your lighting is right and don’t wear very dark clothes
  • use a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to click on the URL you have received in the confirmation email
  • if you are using a tablet or smartphone, download the Zoom app from the Appstore or PlayStore. . Also on the computer, people have a better experience in the app
  • when you click the URL, the program will ask your permission for access to the camera and microphone: click on allow
  • stay safe and do not push yourself if you are experiencing some discomfort during the class

Nice to have:

  • 3-4 meter from the camera of your laptop or phone
  • a yoga mat (but you can also just be on the rug)
  • a free wall or door behind you
  • a few blankets or big beach towels (or your bolster of course)
  • a belt (can also be the one from your pants or bathrobe)
  • yoga blocks or a couple of sturdy books that are equal in size (you can use thick elastic bands or duct tape to keep them in place)
  • a chair or stool (kitchen chair or ikea stool is fine, often you can also use your couch or even kitchen countertop)
  • a bit of creativity; anything can serve as a prop!
  • for regular or local students: you can buy or borrow props from us!

We realise that we’re not the only ones that are forced in these circumstances to adapt our business model and are going through exciting times. So we choose for a ‘sliding scale’ model of payment for the online classes.

  • Online class for people who have less financial space: €6
  • If you can afford it and want to help us keep yoga classes accessible for those mentioned above: pay with your regular class card.
  • People with an Unlimited Subscription can of course enjoy unlimited online classes.