Tally Eldor started practicing yoga out of curiosity; you never know until you try, and since then she keeps trying. She likes the precision and attention to details of the Iyengar method and believes that everyone can benefit from the practice. With her first attempts to share her experiences with friends and relatives, she discovered a new angle of learning and exploring; by teaching others. She enrolled in the Iyengar Teacher Training program with Berber Schönholzer. With her background in the financial sector, she uses her analytical and problem solving skills in her daily practise and teaching. She combines her passion for travel and yoga, taking classes and workshops around the world.

During the teacher training program, Tally has been training at iYoga Utrecht since February 2014; taking classes, assisting in regular and ‘special needs’ classes, and teaching. Since 2019 she’s certified at the Intermediate Junior 2 level.