Leen discovered yoga at his work as a mental health psychologist, where workers are offered Iyengar Yoga as a form of ‘in-company’ sport. Although that seemed rather out of his comfort zone, Leen tried it a couple of times and liked it so much that he stayed as a dedicated student ever since. And he integrated yoga in his daily life. Leen became a certified Iyengar teacher at Introductory level in 2019. Besides teaching at Iyoga Utrecht he now also teaches his colleagues in the mental health care. Leen uses physical (yoga-)exercises, body focused work, relaxation techniques and mindfulness in his work as a mental health practitioner. Together with attention for breathing exercises this is a very valuable addition to his work which is otherwise mostly focussed on so called cognitive phenomena.
As a yoga teacher Leen integrates his experience as a mental health professional in his teaching of asanas to facilitate a calm and balanced mind and a stable and powerful body. In his teaching as well as in his personal practice Leen is creative. He also has an fine eye for detail and does it all with a touch of dry humor. In his spare time Leen enjoys singing and you can often find him in or on the water, at the coast somewhere or dwelling in a lively city, a gallery or a museum for contemporary art.