When a student walks into a yoga class, Kerry believes they are searching for freedom – maybe in the form of relief from physical pain or stress, or to explore big life questions. “I don’t believe that there is a ‘right’ reason to be practicing yoga – for whatever reason you come, I will do all I can to show how powerful of an ally Iyengar Yoga can be on your journey.”

Through his work as a portrait photographer and Iyengar Yoga teacher, Kerry knows how to balance art and technique.“My Job is to help my students discover their own body’s intelligence, and inspire them to build a strong and solid body and mind.” Kerry incorporates over 15 years of yoga experience to guide his students to create a positive change to their life.

Kerry teaches weekly classes at Yogaschool Amsterdam and occasional workshops at his own studio in the heart of Amsterdam, or at Iyengar Yoga Haarlem. He completed his teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Amsterdam as well as the Iyengar Yoga therapy training. He has several years experience assisting in the Institute’s medical therapy classes. He holds the Intermediate Junior III certificate and continues with a month of study with the Iyengar family in India every other year.