Joelle’s first intention when she started yoga in Shanghai in 2004 was to become flexible. Thanks to Iyengar yoga she learns to penetrate the different layers of the body and becomes more aware of herself at the physical, mental and spiritual level. She strongly believes that yoga can contribute to anyone’s well being. And she is eager to share her knowledge, experience and insights with others. She has an eye for detail, focuses in class and challenges you to deepen your practice along with humor at times.

She began her teacher training with Charles Hond, Clé Souren and Annemieke Post at the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Institute Amsterdam in 2009. After a dropout, she resumed and completed it with Delilah King and Rembert Petrus. Joelle obtained the Intermediate Junior-certificate in 2019 and continues to take classes and workshops with teachers in the Netherlands and abroad, including with Hiske.