Daniela Gfeller spends a lot of time behind a computer in her work as a web and graphic designer, and she finds yoga helps balancing her body and energizes her spine. She is a devoted student of yoga since 2001 and likes the active form of Iyengar yoga practice, the precision that comes with it and its physical and mental benefits. In her classes Daniela believes in creating a firm foundation for practice and then gradually building up to go into deeper levels. Her teaching style is challenging but clear and precise. She helps students develop their bodies and improve their relationship with their bodies. “Seeing students in Savasana and noticing how much they have changed since they first entered the class room is just wonderful and that makes me very happy”

Daniela is certified at the Intermediate Junior II-level and continues to study with many senior teachers in the Netherlands and abroad. She followed the teacher training in Amsterdam and is currently specialising in therapeutic applications of Iyengar yoga with Stephanie Quirk.