On the search for balans in her life Carla Smit encountered Iyengar Yoga in 2012. This was a great discovery! After a while she noticed that her stamina and strength had improved immensely as well as her concentration. Mind and body became one. A truly straightforward motivation for Carla is the challenge, playfulness and the expression she experiences during yoga class. It’s almost the same as when she is behind her canvas painting.
Wanting to learn more Carla started the teacher training program at iYoga in 2016. Philosophy and anatomy lessons underpinned the practice and also the assisting in Special Needs classes and in regular classes. Soon after she embarked on the path of yoga I started teaching. Not quite planned but it felt good to share the positive experience of yoga with others. Trained by Nanda Peek and Hiske van der Meulen Carla passed her Introductory I & II exam in 2019. From there she keeps moving on, on the path of Iyengar yoga.