Anne Hodgkinson came to the Netherlands from California to study music. She came to yoga relatively late, only getting into it seriously when someone told her the breathing would help singing technique (ultimately it did). She gradually found her way to Iyengar yoga. Expecting to get stronger and more flexible, she was surprised at how powerfully it also calmed her down. Yoga and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras also fit in with her interest in Indian cultures, and she appreciates how such an ancient text can apply to modern-day life so well.

After getting a vinyasa teaching certificate in 2012, Anne got her Introductory certificate in teaching Iyengar yoga in 2019. Teaching yoga brings balance into her sedentary and solitary ‘day job’ as a translator/editor. She enjoys the sense of community at iYoga, as well as the high level of teaching and the space for humor in classes there.