• Nanda

    Started a beginnercourse here with Tally. I’ve followed several beginner classes of various types of yoga. This is the first one that makes me understand why people love yoga so much. Really recommend this studio when you’re thinking of starting with yoga. I’m loving it!

  • Maria

    I joined to the yoga for women workshop on May 21st and had a great afternoon. Tally is a terrific teacher and I learned so much. Not just yoga poses, also information on the endocrine system and how our bodies work. It was a small group so the teacher had a lot of attention for each student and we had plenty of time to ask questions. I can highly reccomend this workshop. The studio is brand new and beautifully done. Tip if your coming by train; take an NS bike. It’s 5 min and easy to find.

  • André

    It’s difficult to overstate how good this place is and how good the teachers are.

  • Dineke

    Prachtige nieuwe locatie. Goeie lessen en workshops.

  • Paola

    Excellent teachers , lovely place.

  • Walter

    Precise, challenging, fun. The best place in Utrecht for iyengar yoga.

  • Masja

    Bijna 12 jaar geleden heb ik mijn eerste yoga beginnerscursus bij Claas gedaan in de studio waar hij toen les gaf. Ondanks vele mooie yoga zijwegen blijf ik de motiverende no nonsens lessen van Claas (met heerlijke droge humor) en de inspirerende uitgebalanceerde lessen van Hiske de beste van Utrecht vinden. Ze hebben een prachtige studio en community opgebouwd waar ik mij altijd zeer welkom voel.

  • Valeriya

    Best place for yoga, great approach for everybody with experienced teachers.

  • Nadia

    Best yoga school in Utrecht and possibly in the Netherlands!

  • Edo

    Nice location, enough and good props to support the classes from beginner to expert and of course excellent teachers with Claas, Hiske and Tally!

  • Paola

    I got to know Hiske and Claas shortly after I moved to Utrecht almost five years ago. And although I never managed to keep a constant yoga routine, I was always happy to have a class with either of you.
    I was really amazed how with your guidance in the few yoga classes I took in spring, my knee injury was doing better and finally the pain was fading. I have got the inspiration from you and I try to keep now a yoga practice at home, trying to remember your words and hoping to strength more and more. (Thank you also for all the text in your blog and yoga sequences for a home practice).
    Although I always knew how good iYogaUtrecht is, I became more aware of it while comparing it with other yoga studios here in my new city. This prompted me write you, so that you know what a wonderful job you do, what great teachers you are, and how thankful I am to have had classes with you.

  • Ana Rosa

    After more than 7 years of yoga practice a total new discovery of yoga from an amazing perspective, the iyengar system! Outstanding teachers at iYoga!

  • Talya

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!! The quality of yoga instruction totally blew my mind – both Hiske and Claas are such talented and knowledgeable yoga teachers. This is an incredible place to practice if you are serious about yoga!

  • Elisabeth

    Hiske van der Meulen presented a no-nonsense approach to yoga for runners during a 3-hour workshop at Yoga Moves in Utrecht on 22 June, 2013.

    We started out with a 45 minutes run in a park downtown Utrecht and then went back to the yoga studio Yoga Moves. Here, Hiske created a class that was filled with expertise on how to create a ‘powerhouse’ of body, spirit and mind for any sport performance. Since she is a runner herself she transmitted her knowledge on deep stretches, corrections of the spine, straightening of the entire leg and inversions. She emphasized that listening to your body’s boundaries while challenging your aches without ignoring them is crucial. “If anything” she said, “I hope you leave here today with the notion that allowance for active resting is key.” Creating an all round body stance awareness will make you run more effectively. Last but not least, ‘riding the breath’, in order words breathing techniques were discussed and practiced for stamina & endurance.

    As a participant, I highly recommend her workshop to everyone who loves running and Hiske confirmed, YES, there will be more workshops to come. She will also give workshops on location.


  • Helen

    I suffer from MS and therefore can’t move easily although I am flexible. Iyengar yoga is very helpful to me because of the props. Otherwise I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do yoga at all. I have now been practicing Iyengar yoga for 4 years. I also exercise in the water and have pilates lessons, but I find that yoga helps my condition most of all.
    I was recently on holiday in The Netherlands for a month. During that time I had many private lessons with Hiske. I found her to be an excellent teacher. She really explained the asanas well to me, and I therefore I am now able to practice them better. In this short time my body became stronger and I now feel more confidant in myself. With the debilitating disease that I have, it’s so nice to see a quick improvement like this. It doesn’t happen often! Thank you, Hiske.

  • Rutger

    Hiske is een enthousiaste en veelzijdige yogalerares. Ze geeft actief en gedetailleerd les vanuit haar eigen ervaring met yoga. Er wordt dieper op houdingen in gegaan en ze moedigt leerlingen altijd aan om verder te gaan. Daardoor heb ik de lessen altijd als erg leuk en leerzaam ervaren.

  • Charlotte

    Hiske is een bevlogen, nuchtere yoga docente die nauwkeurige aanwijzingen geeft ter verbetering van je asana’s. Door je te observeren kan ze specifieke op jouw lichaam toegesneden tips geven.

  • Suzan

    Claas geeft les met humor!

  • Guido

    Ik kijk met veel plezier terug naar de Iyengar-retreat van vorig jaar.
    Ik had niet gedacht dat een week yoga zo leuk, leerzaam en gezellig kon zijn!
    Behalve de intensieve yoga-lessen was er ook nog veel tijd voor ontspanning,of je wilde uitrusten en een boek lezen, of samen met andere deelnemers een avond wilde kaarten: alles kon.
    Het was voor mij al snel duidelijk: als Claas en Hiske opnieuw een retreat zouden organiseren, dan ga ik weer mee!

  • Marleen

    Ik ben in 2010 met Claas en Hiske mee geweest naar Tsjechië.
    Een week lang iedere dag yoga was heerlijk. Er is veel individuele aandacht waardoor je echt verder komt in jouw yogapractice.