Gitte Bechsgaard – Obstacles on the Path

Practice + Chanting + Lecture. Do you ever wonder how the āsana and prānāyāma we practice in Iyengar yoga are connected to the philosophy? Gitte Bechsgaard is an expert on showing us how the philosophy from the Sūtras is interwoven on all levels of practice in Iyengar yoga. Join her and Hiske van der Meulen for a follow-up evening for those that joined her in January. Also open to people who are new to this way of working. 6 months to 1 year experience in Iyengar Yoga recommended.

Gitte Bechsgaard, PhD, wrote the book ‘The Gift of Consciousness’  about the Yoga Sūtras. With her knowledge as a psychotherapist from a Western perspective and also her years-long studies in Iyengar yoga and Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, Jyotish and contemplative practices, she brings a unique mix to the table.

On Wednesday 17 April she will lead a chanting session followed by a lecture. The chanting session will be about learning to chant the first chapter of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. This is the traditional way of learning, and a powerful tool in spiritual development, as well as a method for contemplation. Additionally she will lead the participants through various mantras. No experience needed!

The lecture will be about the obstacles on the path of yoga, encountered by all practitioners. Patañjali defined them and gave us a way of working with them. Suited for everybody with an interest in yoga.

Prior to the chanting session there will be a 45 minute āsana session with Hiske van der Meulen

Time: Wednesday April 17 from 17.30-20.00
Price: €25
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